Support for Business

We offer an amazing range of business services to allow your business to grow and thrive. We can provide you with Internet, Communications, Microsoft Office 365, Cloud Services, Cyber Security, Equipment, Websites and Training. We can offer all these services without a management charge. We also offer full network design and management services to unlock the untapped potential in your IT services. We also offer a bespoke software design service to make your business flow.


Business Internet

We offer a great range of internet products from classic fibre services (FTTC and SOGEA), to 4G/5G cellular broadband, leased lines, and Fibre to the Premises. All available with Fixed IP addresses and a range of expansion options

All of these services are provided with a direct link to an engineer so no being shuffled through a call centre.



Communications is an important part of growing your business and supporting your customers. We can offer a range of telephone and e-mail solutions for your business. We can offer VOIP (voice over internet protocol), Phone systems, SIM cards (with or without data)  and E-mail services. We offer both basic Linux mail and Microsoft Exchange Online.

We can even provide you with appropriate hardware for your services and set them up for you.

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Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud Services

We can offer an incredible range of Microsoft's 365 products from Exchange Online mailboxes to full Dynamics and Azure packages. These offer amazing versatility, and flexibility, meaning they can support almost any system required.

We can also offer a range of cloud services from other providers from other providers such as Datto, Avast and Acronis.

These can be supplied as self supported licences or fully installed and configured packages. We can also offer support for your existing 365 package allowing for low upkeep costs for your systems.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security if your defence against Viruses and fraudsters on the internet, and your defence is our mission. We offer a great range of cyber security products to allow for us to build you stronger and to test your defences and staff.

We offer a range of security systems including on premises hardware, antivirus software, and cloud based defences. All are available as stand alone products or as complete packages.

We also offer a Cyber Security consultant service, which includes but is not limited to external threat scanning, defence probing and cyber system attack. 


Hardware and Equipment

Due to the range of distributors available to us we can offer an immense range of equipment for your business. This includes but is not limited to phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, printers, and networking equipment.

We also have an incredible range of refurbished and recertified equipment which is available at a huge saving to you and your business.

All of this is available fully installed and fitted to allow for rapid deployment for your business