Support for Home

At SoftLink Computer Systems, we want to make sure your home computer is safe and reliable. We offer a range of Cyber Security, Backup and Maintenance Services to keep your PC or Mac in full working order.

 We also offer great prices on new hardware, as well as data transfer so all your data can move to your new device safely. We can even manufacture custom PCs to suit your specialist needs like Gaming and Home Studio use.


Servicing and Repair

We are able to service and repair nearly any laptop, desktop or tablet computer. We can often improve performance and repair faults making a computer like it just came out the factory. 

We offer free assessments and can usually repair a computer within 48 hours. 

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Cybersecurity and Backup

We can offer a great range of cybersecurity products with Enterprise level Anti-Virus, Firewalling and VPN products. We can offer incredible protection against viruses and malware as well as protecting against leaks of your personal information. We can also offer content filtering to protect your family from nasty content on the internet.

We also install a great range of backup products to protect your data from loss. Backup is extremely important. It is never a good idea to take a risk with your data.

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Time for a new PC

We can guide you through the incredible maze of buying a new PC. We can offer a great range of brands; including Dell, HP and Lenovo; at a broad range of prices. We offer full setup of all devices as well as data and setup transfer.

We also offer a great range of refurbished PCs to meet your needs and all come with at least a 12 month warranty.

Or if you need something specialist we can manufacture a custom PC to your needs be it a need for silence or maximum performance.