Servers and Network Design

We provide a range of servers and hosted server services to customers. We design our own servers using the best quality parts available and offer extended support for all products. We can also supply branded servers upon request. We always recommend you call us out for a quote to get the best Server solution for you.

SoftLink Servers

Our bespoke servers are based on a range of platforms for all your needs. These systems are primarily based on Microsoft Windows Server but can be built on other platforms as required. All Servers are available with 3 year warranties.

Standalone Servers

These servers are aimed at small business and designed to work in conjunction with cloud services and other existing servers. Each server is designed to order and setup for your needs. These servers are the backbone of many businesses.

Servers for Virtualisation

These servers are a great cross over platform. Offering the best virtualisation technology available and can support more services and can be setup for a wider range of applications than small business server. These are a great option in any sector and for any size of business.

Multi-Platform Server Systems

Systems to cover all your needs. Any service you require these systems can support. These servers often come in groups but can be used across multiple platforms and can support your businesses every need.

SoftLink Server Services

Additional services for your server. These include transfer services as well as cloud services to enhance and upgrade your server system.

Transfer of systems and data to a new system to allow for improved functionality. These are best quoted for and we always aim to make any transition as easy as possible.

Upgrade of existing systems by upgrading hardware latest specifications. This can often give servers a real boost and improve performance. Often this can be paired with software upgrades to improve system optimization.

Virtualisation can often be a great way to improve network performance and flexibility. It allows for quicker allocation of resources to suit the real time needs of your network. It can also allow for greater hardware failure protection.

Migration and integration of server services to the cloud can be a great way to allow for easier growth and connectivity. It is the best way if your workforce is scatter round the country or even round the work. It can also make services hardware exempt, minimizing down time. This can be great with our cloud and hosted services.

Network Design

Good network design is essential for creating the fastest system possible. We look at every aspect of your network, and build it to the best possible specification to offer maximum performance and security for the end user.

Make your experience more secure

We specialize in securing your network. Protecting from external threats to your systems.

In conjunction with several technical partners we offer bespoke fire walling and virus protection. We have a range of products for preventing Spam, Unwanted Advertising, Virus Transition and Security Training for your team. We aim to maximize your networks resistance to attack.

Maximise Your Comunication

We offer a great range of phone systems. These systems are available as both a local and cloud hosted systems.

All systems are designed and built to order; in conjunction with our technical partners at 3CX and Microsoft; and always built using the best quality equipment.

Disaster Recovery Systems

Disaster recovery is a necessary part of modern life. We design, manufacture and install a range of on site, off site and hybrid backup solutions. We also design power failure systems to your requirements.

These solutions offer the best protection for your business and protect you in the event of failure. These include but are not limited to: On and off site Virtual Mirroring, on site data backup, off site cloud backup and virtual image systems.

Get the network you need

Total design and structuring of your network, from the ground up. The network is mapped to isolate bottlenecks and optimized to your needs. We can advise and install any and all network hardware and even work to offer Wi-Fi coverage over your entire premises. We even offer this service in domestic properties.

Branded Servers

We can offer a range of branded servers. Though we recommend our servers as they a wider range of specifications and designs, branded servers often must form the backbone of larger solutions.

Providing the right server for you

We always check your requirements to make sure the server you require is suitable for your needs.

Our unique knowledge can often allow you to get the best from your hardware

Supporting for a range of brands

If you need HP, Dell, Fujitsu or Supermicro support we can always offer software support and we can often source parts and whole servers.

Educational orders are available.

Branded Network Products

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