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We offer a great range of IT hardware. To ensure you get the right computer for the job we will always consult with you to find out how you want to use it. No point paying out for an expensive, powerful computer if you are not going to use the power, but on the other hand, if the computer is not up to the job, it is just an annoying waste of money. Either way the computer we supply will match your needs. We offer both branded and custom PCs that can be tailored for your exact needs.

We can offer you a free quote on your next PC or laptop. All you have to do is make an enquiry.

Branded Hardware

We can offer a great range of branded hardware. With access to a large range of brands and specifications. We will always aim to get you the best product possible but can order most computers directly to specification.


We can offer an amazing array of Laptops from brands like Dell, HP, Acer and Apple. We will hand pick a specification to offer the best performance for your IT needs

Tablet Devices

We can offer a great range of Tablet PCs for all requirements. Modern tablet PCs can offer laptop level performance in more portable form factor. We can offer brands like Microsoft, Apple and Samsung, but also can pick from smaller brands to maximize your budget.

Desktop PCs

We can offer desktop PCs for all requirements. We will always try to offer you the best possible match to your needs. If space is limited, we have a range of very compact and compact form factors to minimize space usage without compromising performance. We can offer brands like Acer, HP, Dell and Apple, but unless you want a very compact PC, our own custom designs will often be the best solution.

Custom PCs

We offer a custom PC build service. We can design install and setup a PC for your exact requirements. These PCs are available in a range of form factors and can often offer better performance than a branded unit as they can take advantage of the latest hardware. Not only that we can tune your PC to your needs. We can offer machines with a range of AMD and Intel CPUs, and nVidia and AMD GPUs. In particular, we can also supply workstation class PC's for designers.

All our PCs are offered with a 1 year warranty, with extended warranties available on most units.

Higher Performance

Our PCs are designed with the best performance in mind. Taking advantage of the latest technology to offer every performance advantage possible

Expert Setup

We tailor every machine we sell to your needs. From powerful workstations to quiet and even passively cooled PCs. We work to your budget and can tune your PC for you

More Choice for You

We can usually design your PC into a case size that suits you, but will take care to ensure that no aspect of the design compromises the performance. Call us, and we will use our expertise to guide you to the right PC.

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