Desktop Operating Systems

By default, we supply all of our computers and laptops with Windows 7/8 (either Pro or Home, depending on requirements). We can give Windows 8 a Windows 7 like interface if you prefer the desktop with start button look of Windows 7.

Office Software

We are happy to recomend Libre Officeas a free office application that is very similar to use to Microsoft Office and will read and write Microsoft Office formats. However, Microsoft Office is very much the standard in businesses and so we can supply and install Microsoft Office for you.

Server Operating Systems

We supply our servers with Microsoft Server Software using an appropriate version for the situation. If you want multiple servers then virtualisation could be a good option for you to save cost on hardware. We would be pleased to discuss your server options with you. Generally, we use Microsoft HyperV for virtualisation, but can also use VMWare if necessary.

Anti Virus Software

We recommend using Grisoft AVG Antivirus Products (in particular AVG Cloudcare), which we can supply and install. For domestic users the free version can be a useful option (downloadable from here), but please seek advice from us if you are in any doubt.

Other Software

And of course, we can recommend, supply and install software for all requirements. Why not get in touch for more info.


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