The Softlink Firewall

SoftLink has built a new hardware device that fits between your router and server, or between your router and network switch. This device is not just a firewall, it acts as a complete front line of defence for your network. Read more...

Custom Built Servers

After spending many years buying leading brand servers, we have come to the conclusion that the only way to get a reliable, powerful product without breaking the bank is if we design and build our own. That way, we provide your system support & warranty, speeding things up if they go wrong. Why not get in touch for more info.

Custom Built PC's

As with our servers, we feel we can only offer the high quality service we strive to provide if we design and build our own PC's. We can exactly match your requirements. What's more, we can deliver and set up your new system, copy your data from your old PC's and provide you with a 1 year on-site warranty! Why not get in touch to see what we can do for you.


We can take the pain out of buying laptops. You tell us what you need it for, we will find the perfect laptop for you. What's more, we can set it up, migrate your data and user settings. Why not get in touch for more info.

Other Hardware

And of course, we can supply all sorts of other things, such as networking equipment, printers, screens and pretty much any other form of computer equipment.


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