Line Bonding

If you have a slow internet connection then the best solution is to upgrade to BT Infinity* which uses fibre optic to take the signal to the roadside cabinet and then uses your normal phone line from that point. This will give you a significant increase in speed. For instance, our internet connection was about 4Mb/s until we swapped and the speed then increased to about 40Mb/s.

* BT Infinity is resold by other ISPís as Fibre Optic broadband etc.

If you are not able to get BT Infinity and have 2 (or more) phone lines then the best you can do is to have a broadband internet connection on both (or up to 4) lines and then bond them into a single connection. The final speed is about 95% of the speeds on the 2 lines added together. So if you are getting say 2.4Mb/s download on each line you will get about 4.5Mb/s on the bonded connection. The same applies to the upload speeds. The cost of this bonding is:

Professional Business
Maximum number of bonds 4 6
Static IPs as standard 1 1
Maximum Static IPís 2 16
Max Data per month 250 Gbytes 2000 Gbytes
Free software updates
14 day setup assistance
30 day money back guarantee
Service level agreement
Online support
Telephone / email support
Setup fee £49 £49
Cost per router per line £49 to £299* £49 to £299*
Shipping charge £10 £10
Fee per line per month £10 £20
Additional IP per month £5 £5

* You will need faster (hence more expensive) routers if your internet connection is fast. If your internet connection is slow, the £49 routers will do the job. Please consult about this.

These charges are in addition to the cost of your broadband connection with your internet service provider.


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