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Business Broadband and Phones

All products below are available throughout the UK. We offer a great range of fully supported services. We offer free telephone support for all our telecoms products. All prices on this page are Exclusive of VAT

Phone Lines


Standard Business Phone Line

Our standard business phone line is the backbone of many internet and telephone system. It can be deployed standalone, with broadband, or as part of a PSTN cluster. 

£12.39 per month


Hosted Phone System

We have started recently developed a hosted PBX solution in conjuction with 3CX, this will allow for users to connect anywhere on the planet to our hosted platform.  All the strength of a local PBX without the hastle of local phone infrastructure. They support a large range of VOIP phones as well as an on PC "softphone".

Prices from £50 per month (billed anually)


On Site Phone System

We offer on site PBX solutions. These allow for fully feature rich environments, for both internal and external users. Prices are extremely variable and priced based on the number of users and the nature of the hardware required. 


All products can be added to your package with us. We cannot provide these to other service providers.

Call ID

£ 1.10 per month
  • Capture the ID of a caller using our call ID service

Call Barring

£ 1.10 per month
  • Exclude nuisance calls and protect from dangerous numbers

Call Redirection

£ 1.65 per month
  • Send your phone calls to another number making your business phone always available

Broadband Products

The backbone of modern business, our internet connections can be supplied at low prices and with no obligation to use our routers. We can help you select hardware relevant to your setup and supply it where necessary. All products are billed monthly

Standard ADSL

£ 14.40 per month
  • Basic business broadband. Includes 1 free IP address.
  • Max Speed
    16 Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up
  • Average
    11 Mbps Download

Business VDSL

£ 25.30 per month
  • Business Fibre broadband. Includes 1 Free IP address.
  • Max Speed
    40 Mbps Down/10 Mbps Up
  • Average
    38 Mbps Download

Premium Business VDSL

£ 28.60 per month
  • Premium Fibre broadband. Includes 1 Free IP address.
  • Max Speed
    80 Mbps Down/20 Mbps Up
  • Average
    76 Mbps Download

Business Fibre to the Premises

£ 82.50 per month
  • Business Fibre to the Premises. Included 1 Free IP address.

  • Max Speed
    330 Mbps Down/30 Mbps Up
  • Speeds may vary and are provided at point of enquirey

xDSL Load Balancing

£ 320 one off
  • Load balancing systems using our premium router for maximum speed. Includes two ADSL/VDSL connections.
  • Our premium router supports up to 4 WAN connections up to a maximum of 1Gbps bi directional.
  • Does not require other broadband products.

Firewalling Box

£ 300 one off
  • Starting price £300.00 but can be modified to increase functionality 
  • Throughput from 100Mbps - 100Gbps
  • Basic units allow for single direct through connection but can be upgraded to permit multiple networks and gateways.
  • Use of our advance firewalling and routing in conjunction with our technical partners.

Leased Line

  • Starting prices from £260.00 per month
  • Max Speed
    from 10Mbps to 1000Mbps bi-directional
  • Includes free router.
  • Installation included in some areas